"Celebrating the 4th of July with you was an experience unlike any other. In Glenwood Springs, more precisely, in this Hostel. I found a place I could take it easy with great music, great food and mostly great people. For that, I am endlessly grateful. Thank you so much for the Glenwood Springs Hostel experience, it really is an experience of its own! Rock on, and take good care of yourselves."

Shawn M.

"When you’re away from your hometown and country. This place feels like home. With some great people this place makes you feel welcome."

Ian, Scotland

"Dear Jeannie and Cherie, we wanted to thank you guys for being such wonderful hosts! We enjoyed our time here soooo much! It was a pleasure to have your wonderful personalities added to your experience. You guys are such amazing people not only would we love to come back when we can but also to see your guys again. We hope you the best and much more."

Anh and Micah, New York

"Staying at your Hostel felt like I had been transported back in time to the early 1970’s where people of generous and creative minds gathered to share in the simplicity of each day. I enjoyed the house, the town, and the guests. All very welcoming. Thank you so much."

Lucy, Bellingham, WA

"It did feel like we stayed in a cozy family home, not a hostel. I like the décor, music, and overall vibe. Thanks!"

Jill, New Hampshire

Jeannie and Cherie and every one of you guys that makes this Hostel what it is—Amazing! It’s so nice to find a homey place so far from home! Don’t worry guys, I’ll be back. Jeannie and Cherie, it is a privilege to walk in your world—you ladies have a heart of gold.

Love, Holly - The Tasmanian

The Glenwood Springs Hostel - 1021 Grand Avenue Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601, Phone: (970) 945-8545